Official Adobe Photoshop (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme (EC112682)

Official Adobe Photoshop (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme

The fantastic Official Adobe Photoshop (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme is designed to teach you everything you need to know about this industry standard, world-leading image editing software. Whether you’re a novice or already have some Photoshop knowledge, this great value package will guide you from the basics to full ACA accreditation.

What Will I Learn?

Starting with the Adobe Photoshop CS5 & CS – Complete Training Programme, you’ll move on to the more in depth Adobe Photoshop CC – Complete Training Programme with CS5 & CS6 Advanced Techniques. In this course, you’ll learn about the new Creative Cloud version of the software and much more as you work towards your final goal of the Official Adobe ACA Photoshop.


Get confident creating beautiful digital images with this great tailored package.

  • Get to grips with Photoshop basics including composing an image, using the Mask panel and more.
  • Learn how to use folders, locate files and create metadata and keywords.
  • Explore how to create a web photo gallery, PDF contact sheet and change the Adobe bridge view.
  • Find out how to combine images, transform combined images, remove backgrounds and stacking layers, refine edges, add text, save Photoshop files, choose new colour profiles and adjust the image size to save as a PDF.
  • Move on to mastering the Pen, Lasso, Magic Wand tools and more.
  • Master all you need to know about painting and retouching.
  • Learn how to adjust and sharpen images.
  • Find out how to build and select layers, then explore stacking order, visibility, masks, cloning, aligning and applying filters to layers.
  • Build on layers knowledge by learning advanced techniques such as adding tints, gradients, text layers and more.
  • Learn how to open an image and convert a layer to a Smart Object, place and edit a Smart Object and replace the contents of a Smart Object layer.
  • Explore Smart filters and Vanishing Point.
  • Learn about the new Photoshop areas of the new UI, Refine Radius tool, content-aware move, content-aware patch tool, mixer brush, live workspace updates, mini bridge, 3D text with repouse, puppet warp, grain and noise reduction in camera raw, and paragraph style and character style panels.
  • Consolidate your existing Photoshop skillset and build on your skills by learning about creating composite images, loading and pasting selections, working with layer styles, opacity and the gradient tool, working with text, restoring and correcting photos, creating drawings and paintings, using Adobe Bridge, cropping and auto adjustments, exploring the 3D aspect of Photoshop and more.


  • Test your knowledge as you progress with the inbuilt exercises.
  • Use the glossary and search features to easily identify terms you need to know.
  • Study the accessible units at a time and place that suit you, on any device.
  • Enjoy technical support, should you run into difficulties.
  • Not only is mastering Photoshop a fantastic life skill, it’s a CV-boosting one too.
  • On signing up, the course content is yours for 12 months, giving you plenty of time to complete your learning.
  • Not only does the tailored package provide an excellent learning experience, it also represents great value.
  • Use the free trials of Adobe software, including Photoshop on the Adobe website to test run your new skillset in the real world.
  • Gaining the prestigious ACA accreditation is a career-enhancing qualification that will get you noticed.
  • Test your knowledge before sitting the exam with the mock test.

Get on the fast track towards becoming a Photoshop pro by signing up to the Official Adobe Photoshop (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme today.