Official CompTIA Network+ Exam (N10-006)

Official CompTIA Network+ Exam (N10-006)

Networks are the lifeblood of any business operation, and the more layers a business has, the more complex the networks become. Some business operations, such as those in the financial, healthcare or information services fields, also need to function at the highest levels, in a secure way. Validate your skills with a globally recognised CompTIA Network+ qualification and you’ll have the key skills to not only install and configure, but troubleshoot and manage these systems to ensure maximum productivity.

What Is The CompTIA Network+ Exam?

The CompTIA Network+ exam tests your knowledge on configuring, managing, and troubleshooting a range of common wireless and wired network systems/devices. It also covers questions on new and emerging technology such as mobile, cloud and visualisation technologies, and you can also expect to be tested on unified communications.

What Is The CompTIA Network+ Exam?

It’s suggested that students already hold the CompTIA A+ certification before taking this exam, and would benefit from 9 months of hands-on networking experience in the field or through the related course. These are ideal preparations for taking the next steps towards jobs which could include network field engineer, help desk technician or a network analyst.


To achieve a pass mark and CompTia Network+ certification you should demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following areas.

  • Configuring network devices.
  • Managing various networking set-ups and devices.
  • Troubleshooting common wired and wireless network devices.
  • Bounded and unbounded network media.
  • Networking implementations and routing.
  • TCP/IP addressing and data delivery.
  • WAN infrastructures.
  • Network security basics, preventing breaches, and responding to issues.
  • Remote networking and network management.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Mobile and virtualisation technologies.
  • Unified communications.
  • Generally working with a range of hardware, software, and networks.


  • Access to a range of training materials that match the Network+ curriculum to help you prepare for the exam.
  • Continue to validate your credentials through the Continuing Education program. Your initial certificate is valid for 3 years. Activities and training throughout the 3 years will enable you to collect Education Units which count towards renewal.
  • Network+ has been developed and managed by a team of leading experts in the field, so you’ll achieve an industry supported qualification.
  • Achieve a powerful credential that will standout on your CV.

All exams are sat in pearson Vue test centres.

Course Code
1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OS
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
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